Thursday, May 1, 2014

The adventures of Valerie & Grace

Today in the adventures of Valerie & Grace the girls discuss another adventure and the weather.
Grace: "Hey Val, let's go meet the new neighbors"
       Valerie: " I'd rather stay here and be warm, why is it so
cold this morning anyways??"
       Grace: "Mom said it's because it's 'Blackberry Winter',
                       and if we don't like it to just wait a minute
because it'll change"
Later: Outgoing Grace can't wait to get nose to nose with Copper and Penny
While Valerie is ready to head back to  her side of the cozy barn!


  1. The top picture has to be one of the sweetest goat pictures I've ever seen.

  2. Oh goodness that is so cute! I love the story! I can see why you thought Grace is like mum, bc that's exactly what mum would do! Lol


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