Monday, December 9, 2013

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Our Hometown.....LESLIE, ARKANSAS. Population 481, a wide-spot in the road some might say, but a town with a lot of character for sure.~~~ From booming stave mill, barrel factory, and timber industry town at the turn of the century (1900's) with their own train depot and 'DINKY LINE'  ,an off-shoot of the M&NA railroad that ran through Missouri and North Arkansas for hundreds of miles.~~~ To the sleepy little tourist town of today.   A step back in time for most people of the 21st century a place where time moves more slowly~~and we like it that way. Leslie still offers  the tourist or local citizen with everything they need for shopping and entertainment though ~ provided they are willing to be satisfied with the small town offerings, instead of  a mass merchandised, big box store, variety of shopping.

A sampling of what 'modern day' Leslie has to offer:
3 cafe's

3 music venues

Arts center & museum

Old world bread bakery

Grocery store
Seasonal farmers market/craft sale

And gift, craft, and antique shopping galore

Some more about our town:
 Some wonderful pictures here of our hometown both old and new under the photos tab
Old time pictures of areas around Searcy County Arkansas including a lot of Leslie.

Leslie is also called home by many 'starving' artist that sell on line or travel many miles every year to show their handcrafts at craft fairs.
More on them in the coming weeks.

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