Thursday, December 31, 2015

Farm LIfe...Cloudy 25*

The last sunny day we let the pigeons out to fly, instead of
returning to the Loft roof they  chose this dead tree to perch in.
Naturalists will tell you some dead trees left in the woods are
important for wildlife and this is a good example.

Some day I'll have to tell you about THE "ICE STORM" and why we have so many dead trees.
(I'll do that on the anniversary, which is coming up soon .)
Once when cutting down a
dead tree we were startled to see a family of flying squirrels take flight as the tree hit the ground. They were probably even more
startled, poor things..............and then there was the time my husband cut the hollow tree and just nicked the tale of a sleeping opossum with the chain saw.... never a dull moment on the farm!
Thanks for following along on our adventures this year! 

How many pigeons can you see?

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