Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cookbooks and Cats...sunny..chilly..36*

Exciting news ! The cookbooks have arrived!!! Thanks to ups tracking I knew they were coming and cleared off the kitchen table to photograph them, as so often happens I got busy doing something else for a few minutes and when I returned to the table with the camera this is what greeted me!
After removing Marmalade to the chair in front of the stove
I was able to return to my original project!

They're here! We had such a great response to our cookbook offer that we ordered a few extra SO if you haven't ordered yet, there is still some to be had, and still time to get them ordered in time for gift giving if you act fast!
If you would like to buy a copy, here's the info:
Our "Everything Season" cookbook that is now  available for sale, is just about recipes like this
In "Spring" we talk about "Everything" eggs, milk, fruit and have recipes and tips for all of these
"Summer" brings fresh veggies, canning, and how to deal with all that Zucchini (and other abundances'!)
"Fall" is dedicated to sweet potatoes, preparing for winter and fall fruits and nuts
"Winter" is a time of simmering soups, warm breads, and comforting desserts
Recipes for all these things along with quips and tips from 'our neck of the woods'
This is a soft cover cookbook PACKED with recipes, helpful hints, quips & reminisces as well as many farm life & recipe pictures.$15.00 each $3.00 shipping for one $5.75 shipping for 2 or more, so order one for yourself and a few friends and SAVE on shipping! They'd make great gifts~ you can never have too many cookbooks!
Just private message us with your email and how many you'd like and we'll invoice through paypal so you can pay safely!

 Click here to order:
 Free digital download with each printed copy through the end of the month!

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