Thursday, December 24, 2015

Digital Downloads......Clear, chilly

Have you considered a digital download???

          Quick last minute gifts for yourself or a friend!
                                             ************GREAT PRICES*********
No shipping, instant access, take it with you where ever you go on the device of your choice! Click here to see all our digital downloads

Our "Everything Season" cookbook that is now available! ONLY $5.00 and NO SHIPPING!
For all of our friends who prefer working from a "device" you can now digitally download it!
28 pages, packed with over 30 recipes, tips, quips and lots of photographs...............

This cookbook has recipes for using the bounty of each particular season.
There's even a poem or two to carry you through the seasons

Full of our own country life photography, farm and recipe photos as well as reminisces about cooking, farm life and more...... here's a sneak peak at what it's all about!

In "Spring" we talk about "Everything" eggs, milk, fruit and have recipes and tips too!

"Summer" brings fresh veggies, canning, and how to deal with all that Zucchini (and other abundances'!)

"Fall" is dedicated to sweet potatoes, preparing for winter and fall fruits and nuts

"Winter" is a time of simmering soups, warm breads, and comforting desserts

This is a digital download ONLY.
A physical item will not be shipped, but will rather be directly downloaded onto your personal computer for immediate use!
One click of the download button for instant access to your file, once your payment has been processed.
CLICK here to buy

Also available as digital downloads some of our country captures photography
stop by out ETSY page to read the story behind each of these photos and download them for your own personal enjoyment

You may use them however you want , whether it be prints, desktop image, canvases, personalized decor, greeting cards, stationary, backgrounds, mouse-pad (wouldn't a cat picture be perfect for that?) , you may print it as many times as you wish for these purposes.

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  1. SO inspiring that you put your book together amid all the other things you guys do. I have no excuse, I need to get caffeinated and get to work :O haha


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