Friday, January 1, 2016

Farm life.....clear and cold

We are happy to announce that we are sponsoring the January 1-8 Tutorial contest over at
We wanted to share this with all our blogger friends, if you have a tutorial to share or just love country life, chickens, homesteading and animals stop by and check 'em out!
You just might win this apron!

The rules will be very simple. We don't really care who wins, its just good fun and an excuse to share! 
I am very excited to announce that Jonquil Junction will be our first sponsor for our first article contest.
* The contest will run from January 1 through January 8
* Please submit a tutorial for us. It can be any subject relating to country
life. (See below for a list of ideas).

* Your submission must include at least 3 photos.
* Your submission must be a complete tutorial here on this group. You may link to a blog or facebook page for more information at the bottom of your submission but you can't just link to a blog for a submission.
* Articles may be submitted starting January 1 CST and ending January 8 at 12:00 noon CST.
* The articles with the most SHARES wins.
* Please do not share to any facebook sites or groups that have the sole purpose of liking and sharing to help people win contests. We want to share to encourage other like-minded people to join with us in sharing and helping each other.
Everyone please help out by listing things you would like to see a tutorial on in the comments below and I will edit and add them to the list here. Here are some things I would like to know:
* How to can vegetables
* How to milk a cow
* How to make any kind of crafty thing you make
* How to make cheese
* How to make goat milk soap

Thank you very much to Joanne Perron and Jonquil Junction for making this fun by providing one of her reversible aprons as a prize to the winner of the contest. Guys, this contest is for you too, you can win big points by giving this cute apron to the wife or girlfriend.
Raise your yolk covered hand if you have ever forgotten that egg you put in your pocket! You know who you are.
Jonquil Junction has the perfect solution! Its an Gathering/EGG apron. This reversible apron is like getting two aprons in one! Whether you are gathering eggs, veggies, clothes off the line, tools for your next farm, garden or craft project, or are simply gathering your thoughts so as not to forget them later on, this is the apron for you! Completely reversible, this apron has individual pockets for a dozen eggs on one side, with elastic at the top to hold them securely. On the other, a large pocket ( practically the size of the apron itself!) with access from either side with two large openings, to hold veggies, tools, clothes or clothes pins, whatever you need to tote with you! (don’t forget to tuck in a pen and paper so you can remember what you need to bring with you! ) Apron measures 15 1/2 inches from waist to bottom, 22 inches wide at bottom and has generous ties!
You can read the whole post here:


  1. Thanks Stephanie! hope you'll stop by and check it out!

  2. I want an egg apron so I can use it in our farm.
    The Egg Apron


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