Friday, June 13, 2014

The Adventures & Grace.....................

Remember Valerie & Grace's discussion about the 'bottle feeding fiasco' ?
 (you can read the post HERE )
Well they found out this week that there WAS a 'plan B'
Well Val, I hate to say ' I told you so', but look at Plan B.
Locked up at night and only 2 sips of milk left we finally get to Mom for breakfast!!!!!!!
  I know, I know, Grace. I've seen that lady take it all before we get let out!
Now , I'm just  hoping  there won't be a Plan C.
Forget about that,
 see if you can find a way out!

Forget looking up back, Grace!  maybe if we stand here and look
reallllllllllllllllly cute she'll let us out!

Y'all come back now ye hear.
(next week we'll be sharing with you what we're doing with the
milk Valerie and Grace are 'sharing' with us.

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