Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Old Roses............

 It’s raining again today as I write this and we’ve had to get the wood stove going again even if it is June 10th! But at least these "Seven Sisters Roses" are cheering me up, even in this never ending gloomy weather.
We dug them from a county roadside before the county widened the road and the   grader removed them permanently, over 20 years ago. Now despite our goats, the neighbors cows and  one family member's attempts to remove them they still flourish, and bloom reliably every June.

Believed to be brought to this country from France around 1817, Seven Sisters  is a vigorous once-blooming climbing rose that is frequently found in old gardens and home sites throughout the southern United States. The effort that it took to transport them through the intervening miles, those early settlers have left their own testimony about the need for beauty in even the most rugged human existence.

 A rambler canes grow 15-20 feet long. The name origin is believed to come from the roses’ tendency to have multiple colors of flowers in a single cluster as the blooms change colors from deepest pink, to lighter pink, mauve and finally creamy white as they age,this suggested several roses growing together Hence, the name “Seven Sisters”

Y'all come back, ye hear??


  1. I see these around North Carolina also. I have a fence that I have tried to transplant these to but They never make it. Have you ever heard of a confederate rose.

  2. NO, Richard I'm not familiar with the Confederate Rose, Is it native to North Carolina?

  3. I have someone who lives close by that has one. I have never heard of one untill he mentioned it one day. I'll do more research.

  4. Can I then assume that the neighbors family member tried to remove them for their own personal gain??
    ie: their own garden.

    In Perry Cty, there's the annual daffodil festival. I've never actually attended, but 2yrs ago I was at a meeting/party across the road from it.

    I've been in Faulkner Cty for 16yrs now and have never before seen a more beautiful display of nature than the blooming of the Bradford Pear Trees.


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