Friday, June 27, 2014

I remember.........................

From time to time we will be doing a feature called the " I remember series" a nostalgic look back at days gone by, a look at our yesteryears .

I love sayings and  quotes, My mother used them all the time.
I've repeated them over the years to my daughter and now my grandchildren, most of them have remained in tact, just the way she used them, but sometimes I find myself expounding on them and making them more suited to the present situation.

One of her favorites was "We'll just give it a lick and a promise" , this meant something needed a good cleaning or tidying but we didn't have time so we'd give it a quick cleaning and a 'promise' to come back later and do a better job. And we always did too.

But I've found I've gotten to the point where "A lick and a promise'' has turned into "We'll just give it a lick....with very little hope of a promise"

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