Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Snippets & Snatches...Cooler..sunny

Rushing The Seasons
Have you every thought ~
in this sped up world,
We're always in a hurry
No matter what the Reason?
We rush to work, rush home
rush to post the latest gadget that we've bought
Why we even rush the seasons!

In Spring we post pics of red-ripe tomatoes
flip-flops, beaches and swimming gear
We say we sure wish summer would get here!
In Summer we post pics of  bonfires,
Pretty leaves and trees
and say "Hurry up Fall, Please"
In Fall we post pics of  mugs of cocoa
Blankets, scarves and snowmen, too
we say "Hurry up winter, do"
In winter we post pics of  green grass
bare feet,  and pretty flowers everywhere
We sure do hope spring was in the air!
So now, while it's hot
We say, "hurry up fall"
We need you, after all...........

But soon it'll be "get here spring",
so we can start
Rushing the seasons once again!

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