Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Farm Adventures The Broody banty...........Sun...hotter...

Our bantam hen "Bossy Britches" proves the theory "If You Wait It Will Come".
Every day last week she sat in a different (empty) nest box, waiting for
someone to lay. You see I'd taken all her eggs these last few weeks as
I didn't know she had in mind to set AGAIN this year. And all my big
hens are molting, so nary an egg anywhere. But Banty's are a determined bunch and she kept at it till 
 I finally  begged a few eggs  from someone and put them under her. She happily excepted them and went to sitting faithfully...... but I'm starting to think she's getting too old for this sitting business, every day she gets up for a drink and dust bath like setting hens do, but then returns to an empty nest box "next door" to her nest.... When I find her such I carefully pick her up and set her on her eggs,  she clucks happily, snuggles down on them and acts 'eggstatic' to have 'found' a clutch of eggs...and stays faithfully in place till the next day.....when we go through the routine all over again! 
Could it be our Broody Banty has amnesia ??

     and here she is, in "If I don't acknowledge you, you won't notice me" mode.

Will she hatch this clutch in spite of the late date in the year and the amnestic wanderings? 
Stay tuned for details, and remember "Don't count your chickens before they hatch!"


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