Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sweet Smells of Summer.....Sun and hot..90's

AHHHHHH......  the sweet smells of summer!
The Locusts and Wild Roses have been replaced by Elderberry blossoms and Mimosa blossoms and of course the New Mown Hay (which I've gone nose blind to, after working with it every day).
I'm hoping for a crop of Elderberries this year to make syrup.
I try to keep some on hand for a boost when we're sick, especially colds and flu.  Some years a tiny worm defoliates the leaves and we don't get any berries, but these look promising. 
Here's how I make mine...we talked earlier in the week about how closely you follow a recipe,,, seems the majority of women are like me and make it up as they go, that's how this recipe came to be..................

I use Sure-Jell and inside pkg. I use the cooked jelly recipe procedure.  Elderberries won't be offered so I use "Currant" directions instead.
Prepare the fruit as instructed with 2 cups water instead of 1 1/2 . 
When measuring juice into pot (after straining) add 1/2 cup lemon juice.
 Now reduce the sugar to 3 cups and proceed with procedure.
 This will make a syrup instead of jelly. I also do this with other fruits, when there is an abundance, to have syrup in the winter for pancakes

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