Thursday, June 23, 2016

Farm Adventures...Sunny..90's

My Mom used to say on particularly hectic days
"This place is like a 3 ring circus".
I've been thinking of those words lately while doing
goat chores. All kids have to be separated from their Moms while
eating or the grain gets spilled or stepped in, and some don't share
well either, ask poor Rhythm.

Anyway here are some pics which do a small job of showing the problems.
I had to make a place to put Cinnamon and Paprika during chores.
That was okay for a couple of days until my husband frightened Cinnamon coming too close with machinery.
Over she went. Now she gets out every time. Paprika hasn't got it yet.
Being a male he probably wasn't as frightened of the machine!  Now
that they are confined in there, Flossie can and does reach through to
bite them. At the same time Rhapsody's amusement comes from teasing A.
Wyse, who does her best to bite those foreign objects, EARS.

I'll bet a 3 ring circus has better discipline and control than I do!

And she's over

Just come a little closer.......

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