Monday, April 25, 2016

Farm Life...Sunny....70's

Well our girls left for their new home last week.
I wanted some pictures before they left, so asked Gale to get on the milking stand with Pearl,
and this is how she did it, once a goat .....always a goat!
Anyway they have gone to a great, loving home, just what I wanted for them. But I will still miss them, wondering Is there a way to have milk without having kids? If so  let me know, please!


  1. O.M.G! Aren't the quirkiest, kookiest, adorable animals on the planet. They're like toddlers & get themselves into the most odd places...positions! So, obviously Gale sought the path of least resistance! LOL Gotta love a goat..."can't have just one" ;)

    1. You must have Goats Dawn, never a dull moment for sure!!!!


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