Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Quotes...Sunny...80's

  I wish I'd been clever enough to pen this one!  Since it so reflects my thoughts I'm sharing it with you.


                                         THE POET

 How many poems in a poet's mind?

How many truths can be told in his rhymes?

How many thoughts can a poet convey?

That will remain true, one hundred years from today

How many people will read his lines

And make the connections, the poet designed?

And when he is gone, will his poetry give

Inspiration in minds of those that still live?

Will his words take seed in the minds of the young

And blossom like flowers in early spring sun?

And, if indeed, all this happens to be

The poet could alter all that we see

The poet need never take up the gun

For in his use of the word - his battles are won.  

From "Portrait of Life" by Chot Lomerson 

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Love this.. It speaks to my heart and is so true.. I wonder that myself sometimes.. Thanks Joanne.


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