Monday, July 27, 2015

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                                               A  Snatch from a Bygone Era


My dear cousin went to the town where I was born and took pictures of my earliest childhood home.
I was thrilled to learn that it was still there, built in 1900. And even though it no longer has the wood shingles I remember, it still looks familiar. And even better, the setting is the same. The steps down to the little strip of beach that the whole neighborhood used. Those were the steps that I fell down taking all the skin off my shin, and I can remember Mom and Dad kneeling on the floor while I sat on a kitchen chair, deciding what to do. The back yard has a little strip of grass and then a sea wall, below which are large rocks and then the ocean. Mom used to tie me out there by means of a harness ( I don't remember that! ) so I could have outside time. When I was older I would play on the rocks below the wall and rescue stranded creatures, mainly crabs, that were washed up there by the waves. I do wish I could have showed you a picture of the little red school house just down the street from my house, but it's gone. There were 3 grades, Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade, all in one room with partitions separating the classes. I started there at age 4 1/2 and remember being able to listen to the other classes beyond the partition. When third grade came we had to go "uptown" to a big, many story high brick building. Quite a contrast to that little neighborhood school that I could walk to. And modern early childhoods are quite a contrast to those days I remember, and I don't think necessarily better! Well I'll close now, but I do remember lots more stories of my first seven year at  23 Beach Ave. that I'll someday share with you.
  The steps that I fell down taking all the skin off my shin       ^
The little strip of grass , I was 'tied' out on to keep me safe from the sea

The rocks below the wall I used to play on

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  1. Oh what a beautiful home and memories you have.. This brought back lots of memories for me as well. I just love reading your posts and look forward to more. I just posted The video called, Old Barns and old People to my wall if you haven't seen it yet and thank you so much for your visits to mine and your comments. I cherish them. Love, ~Susie


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