Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pigeon project/ farm adventures ..rain...50's

                                                                        Amarillo's Adventure


When you get pigeons that have been hatched somewhere else they are called prisoners. If let loose they will always return to their former home. On Thursday our mama Amarillo "flew the coop" literally. We never saw her again despite frequent trips outside to peer through the tree branches. All day we kept the cats and Walter inside, and despite the increasing winds hoped she'd return to her babies. We also notified her former owner in case she made it home (600 miles away). By evening we had a very strong storm, wind, rain and hail. No sign of Amarillo. We concluded we had seen the last of her. All day Friday and Saturday I worked in the yard and never saw her (more important didn't hear her, pigeons are noisy flappers). Then half way through Sunday I found her walking near the vegetable garden, with 2  cats nearby.  We feel she left and decided to return to our home instead of her former home.  After much coaxing she went into the loft where she received quite a welcome from Hollywood, her mate. While she was gone, he did his part to keep those babies fed!!! 
This picture shows her following her caregiver to the loft.

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