Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Do you know how to keep a goat from climbing over a fence??
                           ............Build it a stile!
                        Today meet two of our three Nanny goats~~Mini-LaMancha's

"Button is 7 and expecting for the fifth time, Flossie is 2 and having her first kid(s).
( If you didn't guess they are mother and daughter) 
Follow their progress to kidding with our "guess the date" contest starting next week on our Facebook page Jonquiljuntion. This won't take long! They are both due in April.
And our Billy goat: Riley~~also Mini-LaMancha
~Shown here at a week old~
We brought him home at two days old and he was our bottle baby last year, now he'll be a father hopefully by the end of this month, we're anxious to meet his kids (his sweet personality mixed with his mothers excellent milk production -we are hoping for some outstanding kids!)
Check out our Facebook page for updates!
Coming soon: Stories based on 50 years of ownership
(still not sure who owns whom)

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