Monday, April 28, 2014

Meet the babies.........

Along with the spring storms yesterday we had our first kidding of the year , Button delivered two darling little does!
They entered the world to some good old fashioned spring storms~~  downpours of rain (over three inches yesterday)  with high winds, lots of thunder and lightening and flooding, We were fortunate that the tornado's stayed away from us, but others in our state weren't as fortunate.
These babies are second generation Mini-LaMancha's .Their daddy is our good-natured Riley that you met a couple of weeks ago~~~ shown here as a baby .

Grace is colored just like her mama and is a 'no ears' baby while Valerie is darker with the black tips and is a 'half ears' baby (also known as elf ears) like her daddy.

In spite of the storms the babies were safe and dry in the barn,with their mother keeping an eye on them.
Follow along with them as they grow here and on our Facebook page
Button and Babies

                                                                         Meet Valerie and Grace :)
                      (who are named after my sister since they were born on her birthday)

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