Monday, December 26, 2016

Farm Life ....cloudy..windy...warm.. 68*

I awoke this morn to Clarabell barking.
Wherever a person lives, don't we learn "to know our noises"?
I could tell that she was in a fixed location.
So AFTER COFFEE I got the leash and headed to the woods behind the duck and goose house.
Now Clarabelle is very obedient, well to me anyway, she ignores my husband, who can't do a thing with her. (I know why but we don't need to go into that now!)
But when she has something treed she can not be called off.
 Here's a pic of what I found.

 I tried my hardest to get IT and her in the same picture but couldn't.
Anyway I brought her to the house, to let it go away.

An hour later while feeding hay to the goats, my eye caught movement and there was another one watching me from under the pile of loose hay. Boy did I
think of my fingers that had just grabbed a mound of hay from that
exact location!

I've been letting Clarabelle stay inside at night this winter, because she's old and stiff (aren't we all) and I guess that has emboldened the critters to come out of the woods for "poultry possibilities".
I don't have as many of those possibilities as I used to, because sneaky Walter has been up to his old tricks again, after a several months hiatus.
And I guess if I don't make Clarabelle stay out at night I'll have even less possibilities to share.
Now  isn't that why we raise poultry or waterfowl, TO PROVIDE PROTEIN FOR THE WILDLIFE POPULATION?

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  1. We have caught skunks and raccoons (when we had chickens) but never a 'possum. For some reason, now that we no longer have chickens, they never come around. Haha


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