Monday, December 5, 2016

December Features: little known artists that we like

Good Morning, for the month of December we are going to be featuring an Artist, both local and from afar, that we have discovered and want to share with you, our followers!
For the first week we have some Music to share with you~ The Ozark Mountains are full of Talent, often well hidden!
 I've thoroughly enjoyed this CD and want to invite you to too!
His roots run deep here in the Ozarks, He considers himself a writer first and singer second, but his voice is great.
I'm sure the lyrics will touch you, After all isn't a songwriter really a poet?

                               Listen and follow on YouTube:
                                                     Listen to "Daddy's Old Work Boots"

                                                    The Meaning of It All  
     Find them On Facebook~ Follow for new songs, quotes and photography If you are interested in Buying a CD you can do that there too! :


  1. What a treasure this is and so beautiful. I've listened to me so many times I've lost count and this one takes the cake. Thank you my sweet friend for sharing this and for my beautiful gift. Please tell him He's got an awesome talent and difinetly a Poet as well. God Bless!!

    1. Thank you Susie, I certainly will. Glad to see you are up and able to check in on us today!


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