Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Farm life---never a dull moment...........

Our Wyandotte ,Wynonna learned a lesson most animals (and people) find out at some point in their life.
“A fix is A LOT easier to get into than out of !"
While free ranging, she flew down into this spool of wire I had sitting out to mend fences’ (part of the reason she was free ranging , fence needed mending)
but was unable to fly straight up as would be needed to get out again!
So being the opportune photo taker that I am -I grabbed the camera-

When I returned Earl had arrived-- I could almost hear their dialog:
EARL:  "Earl to the rescue!"“Wynonna, if this wire weren’t between us I could save you”
Wynonna (in disgusted tone):
"Earl, If this wire weren’t in the way.......I wouldn't be in trouble in the first place!”


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