Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Farm Fresh eggs! Nothing like 'em, they are the best for everything you make................until you try to PEEL a fresh hard boiled egg. So frustrating! An egg peeler's worst nightmare!

All you have to do is Google 'hardboiled farm fresh eggs' to realize you aren't alone in your frustrations because  you get a whole page of suggestions to try such as these :
** Poke 'em
**Roll them before peeling
**Cook longer
**Cook shorter
**Peel under a running stream of water
** Baking soda
**Age them to at least 10-14 days old before boiling

But the reason the fresh egg is so hard to peel is exactly the reason you want to use it---because it's fresh!!!!!!!!!!
In fresh eggs, the  (egg white) tends to stick to the inner shell membrane. As the egg gets older the egg becomes porous, absorbs more air, and releases some of its carbon dioxide.  The egg white also shrinks slightly, so the air space between the eggshell and the membrane grows larger, resulting in boiled eggs that are easier to peel. ((Stop a minute and think how easily the store bought eggs peel--how old do you think they  are?))

So after reading all the 'suggestions' I put together my own combination and have been peeling perfectly pretty eggs this year.

*Pan large enough to hold amount of eggs you want to cook
*Water to cover

First I take a clean safety pin and poke a small hole in the LARGE (Rounder) end of the egg
place all your poked eggs in pan and cover with cold water
add 1 tsp. of baking soda

Bring water to a gentle boil and cook 7 minutes (adjust heat to keep at a low boil)
turn burner off, cover pan with a lid and let sit 5 minutes,
immediately drain eggs and rinse in cold water or place in a bowl of ice water---you want 'em to cool down quickly to stop the cooking process.

Peel or place in the refrigerator for later use.

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