Monday, June 19, 2017

Two Summer Tales ( Or Don't Count On Things) Sunny...less humid!

Bossy Britches has had a very bad summer!!!!
Her first clutch of eggs did not hatch, even though she did her best. When all hope was lost,
her owner gave her some other eggs since their
sitter had given up. They did not hatch either, but diligent little
mother that she is, she didn't quit. So in hopes of getting some
bantam chicks, the owner left her sitting until a few eggs bantam eggs could be
gathered. When there were 5--(this took a few days as the bantams are old and don't lay daily!)
 a switcheroo was done. BB didn't object and continued to sit ANOTHER 21 days. For a total of 76 days on the nest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All five hatched, Hooray!!!
We all have heard not to count your chicks before they hatch, right?
Well don't count them AFTER they've hatched either!
Two days later a snake invaded the hen house and took 3 of the chicks.
Just when we thought after 7 years of never a snake in this building this wouldn't happen!
Yes, Bossy Britches has had a very bad summer!

The owner has never had such beautiful tomato plants. Only 4, but theywere loaded with early tomatoes, 42 at last count. Overnight a swarm
of Aphids came by and look what happened. I guess one shouldn't count

her tomatoes before they're ripen either!Reminds me of the words of Irving Petite in his book
 The Best Time of the Year"Nature doesn't always give  warning of what is to come, and herviolence's must be taken as they arrive: the human sojourner in life must roll with nature's occasional punch."

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