Monday, June 26, 2017

Farm Adventures... Sunny...cooler

Mrs. Hopeful's Plight
Last Saturday evening I had muted the T.V. while on the phone. As I
hung up I heard a little meow at the screen door. At first I thought
of Lonesome, for all his 20 pounds he has a small voice. But something
wasn't quite right, and sure enough when I got to the door I saw a
kitty I didn't know. She left, but only went a few feet and sat under
a bush. I got the flashlight and went outside watching all the while
for copperheads. Anytime after 8:30 p.m. is official copperhead
appearance hour. She waited right where she was and let me pick her
up. Now what do I do?????  I carried her back inside, and while
holding her and the flashlight managed to get some food and water. We
then went out to the goat barn where the large pet carrier was and
made an overnight motel for her. The whole time of being carried, she
never once wiggled or scratched. While handling her I got the distinct
apprehension that her stomach was disproportionally large. In the
morning she was more interested in getting to know me and be petted
than fed. What a sweetheart she is. Not a stray for sure, but no doubt
dumped when her condition was realized. We live so FAR from only one
other home, she couldn't have been theirs. Well all day Sunday I tried
to think of where I could put her. Monday, I took the kids out to see
her mid-afternoon and look what we found! Tuesday I renovated and made
raccoon, possum and snake safe, a large wooded dog house. Now begins
the task of finding good homes for she and the little ones. I am still
in the dog (make that cat) house for keeping Butterscotch's 4,
nine years ago.
So her staying here permanently is not an option. 
Anybody want a very sweet kitty that I have named Mrs. Hopeful?

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