Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Farm Adventures.... Sunny... 70's

Here's a May Surprise - 2 huge snakes! 
 Lonesome has become my farm WatchCat. 
Twice today his stare has caused me to check what he's
looking at. Both times it was a snake. Once a King snake which is good
news, the other time a huge black snake. I tried to bucket him to relocate, but
failed, and later on went out to the chicken yard and found him again
with a girlfriend.  Well I'm now out of patience with all my losses
from snakes, 3 hens and 3 pigeons in the last couple of years, and
last week a clutch of 7 eggs destined to be chicks. So since the Man
with the gun was nearby, these 2 got a permanent home! 
They each  measured 6 feet long!
 Watch your step if you come over here!



  1. I can't distinguish WHAT it is.....please tell me it is NOT a snake.

    1. No Jo it is not a snake, It is TWO Snakes :)

  2. Man with a gun to the rescue! My husband and I have had to send a few critters to a new home when we had chickens. Such is farm life!

  3. Yes Terry, Apparently EVERYTHING likes to eat chickens! :)


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