Monday, October 24, 2016

AN OLD WOMAN IN THE WOODS..... Sunny.... Fall like and beautiful!

We are honored to be featured on this wonderful FB Page today, please stop by and say Hi... and join her for this trip across the country.... you never know what you might find.......:)

Well, Fall is here with cooler temperatures... so let's take a ride. Hop on this train with an Old Woman and she will take you across the country this week visiting friends and neighbors. Now... some days the train might derail and sit there.... oh , lets say MargaritaVille... 🍷 🍸 But it will take off again as soon as able.
I will see what great buys I can find for you to start your Christmas shopping.... Yes, it's that time and lets start early and save some time and money. And get some awesome things.
Let's start our day in Arkansas. In fact, lets stop in at Jonquil Junction (her direct link will be in the comments below). Oh, look.... I believe she is ruminating..... no, that's not bad. Along with a bit of reverie and reflection while she is hammering away on that Hand Hammered Copper Jewelry. OOO... and y'all are in luck. She is having a SALE! You know your Aunt Linda would love one of the egg aprons... it ain't just for eggs... I would have all kinds of stuff in there from clothespins to the grands pacifiers to 'maters....🍅 🍓 . This would make an awesome gift... an apron, a good spoon , recipe book and all prettied up in an egg basket for gift giving. Umm. Okay, I will be someone's Aunt Linda this year! Now, I must sit a spell and have some Taco Soup while visiting .... come join me ! Tomorrow we will head out to ..... ?

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Copper earrings