Monday, February 22, 2016

Jonquil Season....Partly cloudy...46*

Once again we find ourselves approaching Jonquil Season.......... a favorite time of year for many, since starting our page...we've heard from many that have as fond memories of Jonquil's as we do.... as the season rolls around again, and we find ourselves emerging from another long winter... we'd love to hear your favorite Jonquil Tale.
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  1. So pretty! Our daffodils are starting to come up, and hopefully we'll have some blooms in a few weeks.

  2. Love these lovelies poking out at this time of year! Our daffs are in full bloom here in Vancouver. I forgot to plant my tulip bulbs last fall so threw them in the garden last month, and they're already poking through too!

  3. Love these kind of flowers so much. My mom always called them March Flowers but it seems when the weather starts getting warmer they come up and bloom even earlier than March. They give me spring fever even more so. Ours are almost in bloom now.

    1. Thanks for leaving your memory with us Susie, ours are just starting, depending on the year they can bloom anytime from February to early April here in the Ozarks!


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