Monday, February 15, 2016

Farm Life....Cloudy and cold

I think the cats have Cabin Fever.
You know the cats that live in the house 24/7  BY CHOICE ,and have the choice of whether or not to go outside (unlike the humans who MUST go outside, WEATHER or not). The other night while I was sitting as close to the wood stove as possible, Marmalade climbed on the back of my chair.
I expected a lap companion directly, but instead heard a clang and a clamor and you see here where she landed. It was a five foot launch from the chair back to this little space on the top of the wood pile and into that little hole. WHEW.
Look at the contented appearance she's displaying, I think she was
ecstatic to find her own space. It took a lot of coaxing to get her
down so I could go to bed. I didn't dare leave her there wondering
what would be tipped over on her re-entry to the floor.

Only 34 days till spring!!!!!!! (Yes, I'm counting)

"I'm not looking at you, so you can't see me"

"My eyes are closed, so you can't see me"

"Well, now that I have decided it's time to come down, I'll come when you call me"

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