Saturday, October 18, 2014

Farm Adventures.............

My husband and grandsons’ latest project has been researching  designing, building and outfitting a pigeon “LOFT” {don’t make the mistake of calling it a ‘coop’ in front of any experienced
pigeoneers } Quite a bit a time, effort and detail went into this project
 (the LOFT even has it’s own clock!)
Last month I mentioned the cat's helpful supervision in this post
well after weeks of impatient waiting on our grandsons part, today was finally the day!
No doubt you’ve heard the saying.....................
                                                                         “Curiosity Killed the Cat”
                                                 but we coined a new saying at our farm yesterday, 
                                                                   “Cooing confounded the dog”.
Gunner just could NOT figure out what the new sound was coming from the 'loft', that had been silent through many weeks of construction! 
                                                         here's what he was hearing..............
                                                            four pedigreed pigeons the first of our flock 
Y'all come back soon, ye hear
(there's sure to be more adventures associated with this project!)

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