Thursday, January 26, 2017

Snippets & Snatches...Cloudy... 20's

Auntie's Hat
I found this hat in a thrift store. I bought it because it reminded me of my Great Aunt Madelene, someone I still miss.
She and her mother raised my Mom and two sisters through adolescence, after their mom died.
A straight statured, and straight laced person, whose dignity
could make a better person of you.

I wish I had had a lot more moments with her, but most of my childhood was spent across the nation, far from her. 
When we were reunited, I was the adolescent and she was now
my Aunt, Grandmother figure.

 Two special memories - When I told her I was getting married, I know she was surprised.
The only thing she could think to say was "Think of all the meals you'll have to cook".
That coming from someone whose food was always special, and had to cook for a persnickety husband.

The other memory is of her wearing this style hat while standing in my Mom's rental apartment and patching the walls.
The six day war was going on in Israel and I
remember her praise of Golda Meir.

They were peers, Golda only one year younger.
My new hat is so warm, but I've decided to keep it for
"display only" because when I tried it on I looked all NOSE!!

But wait, I remember, that's what she use to complain about, the size of her nose.
Well, one of Golda's quotes sort of fits here.

"Fashion is an imposition, a reign on freedom."
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