Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Snippets & Snatches..... Sunny...Hot..90's

                        AND OUT CAME THE IRON

Back in the '50's,when we lived in So. California, we got our first
T.V. Dad worked as a television repairman ( mostly house calls, then)
so we were able to get a discount. My Mom loved to be informed, but
there was little time for watching T.V., so often during special
events she would iron as she watched. This is not such a time
consuming chore today but then we all wore ironed clothes  (probably
the wringer washer caused the need!) and with a family of five there was always a laundry basket waiting.
I can still smell the steam and hot cloth and remember the three
events that are etched in my mind's eye.
The first was after supper one night.
Dad hadn't  come home. He worked 60 miles away and we didn't
have a phone, so we had no idea where he was. So out came the iron , and Mom ironed while we waited.
Around 10 o'clock he opened the door and said
"I promised these good people you'd make them a cup of coffee!"
And there he stood all bandaged with
2 strangers. He'd been in a crash and to save the ambulance fee he'd
asked those folks to take him to the hospital. They volunteered to
wait until he was treated and drove him all the way home. I can still
hear his holler as he tried to lay down that night on his broken
The second event happened on June 30th, 1956.
The news reported a TWA and a United aircraft missing.
They had left Los Angeles airport that morning and contact had been lost with both of them.
Mom said "I'm afraid that will be Jim's plane!", and out came
the ironing board. 
Jim was an in-law who often stopped by on his way
to the airport for a flight. He was a TWA co-pilot. We waited (and she
ironed) for updates. Eventually the crash site was spotted in the
Grand Canyon. Hours passed, the little children slept, lots of clothes
were ironed as hope faded for survivors. Then the news, there were no
survivors. Later we got the official notification that it was Jim's
flight. But we didn't need it, Mom had been sure from the start.
The third time was during a very hot spell in Sept. 1957.
Every afternoon for a few days,when I would come in from school,
 Mom would be at the ironing board in
front of the fan,  shaking her head as she watched the
scene in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Court orders had been given to
integrate Central High School and the Governor was preventing it.
Angry people shouting while those young students tried to walk through the crowd.
Mom was doing her chores and keeping us tidy while keeping up
with events, or keeping as busy as possible when sick with worry!
                                                                            ©Jonquiljunction 2016


  1. This was a very moving story, and you certainly have a lot of emotional memories tied to such a simple machine.

  2. Yes this is a very moving story but that old iron helped her to get through and draw her mind, bless her heart. Sounds like something my mom would do when she was worried. She and i both had a lot of ironing to do in those days. I still iron some today but only the Sunday, go to meeting clothes as they were called back in the days.

    1. Thank you Susie, and thanks for sharing your memories too!

  3. Thank you for sharing such a touching story about your mom. And your Dad!

    Beautiful theme.

  4. I grew up in the 60's and everything was cotton & had to be ironed. 5 girls & Mom & Dad we always had ironing to do to. Mom worked so ironing passed to us 5 girls. For my ninth birthday I got a watch & dad made me a wooden box stand on to iron. I started out with dad's hankies & pillowcases. I can remember when polysester no-iron (it would melt) clothing came out in the 70's. I had a dress that was so heavy it would stand up on its own! Lol

    1. Thank you for sharing your Ironing memories with us!


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